Shirley B.

“I have been blessed with good health. I want to give back to those who most need a friend.”


"I enjoy spending time with seniors, learning about their lives, present and past."


"I understand the challenges seniors face."

Becky F

"I enjoy talking to seniors and learning about their lives..."

Becky S

"Seniors have so much of life and experience to share with us. It is nice to be able to help them."


"I enjoy helping and listening to seniors. I feel that we need to honor our seniors."

Bob R

"Seniors have a lifetime of experience from which I can learn. They can teach me their lives."

Bob W

"I have found it rewarding to help older persons and disabled persons to remain independent and in their own homes."


"I enjoy being with the seniors. They have a lot to offer. I want to make sure they have the help they need."


"Seniors are very appreciative of the kindness.The sense of helping them is very satisfying. We have many smiles together."


"Seniors have a wealth of information.They are sincere and compassionate. I like to help relieve their burdens."

Carolyn P

"I see the needs of our seniors."


"Seniors have so much to contribute to our society. I want to show them respect and care. "


"We should use our strengths to help each other any way we can."


"​I love to help people by providing assistance and companionship, especially to Seniors.


"I  want to help others as much as I can, in the ways they need."


“I can relate to being a senior since I am one. I treat others as I like to be treated.”


"​It is rewarding to bring joy to someone’s life. I like to listen to their stories and have them share their knowledge.


"I like helping people. It gives me great satisfaction.


"I understand how seniors feel. I like to be helpful for them"


"I enjoy being helpful to those who need assistance and allowing them to have a better quality of life."

Greg Dodd

Co -Owner

"I want to work with seniors because they have helped so many people for so long. I want to help them when they need it."


"I have a special place in my heart for seniors. I love their stories. A little love goes so far."


"I find it very rewarding to help other seniors."


"I enjoy being with seniors. I like hearing stories of their past experiences. I like the wisdom and knowledge they bring. "


"I have been around seniors who need help, but want to keep as much independence as possible. I like working toward that goal."

Lois M

"I enjoy seniors' experiences and perspective on life."


"I think of myself as understanding and compassionate. I enjoy listening."


"I like helping people. I dont like to see seniors struggle."


"I enjoy walking with seniors. They are unique with a lifetime of history."


“I enjoy helping seniors. I have experience helping seniors and am good at it!”

Mary P

"I enjoy helping others."


"​My Mom was my best friend. Her
senior years were cut short. Now I
want to help others."

Sharon M

“I enjoy the young at heart. We can help each other have a better day.”

Suzanne W

“I like to help people, especially older persons.”

Pat N

"I want to work with seniors because I am good at communicating with them and feel I can be helpful. "


"I know seniors like to be cared about!"

Nancy W

"I enjoy helping people, the one on one time spent   with them, and developing friendships.”


"I just like to help people."


"Seniors have such interesting life experiences to share."


"I think we seniors have much in common!"

Susan Ro.

"I relate well with seniors. I love bonding with them."

Sharon S

"I have grown up to enjoy and appreciate the perspective of seniors. I feel comfortable with them."


"Everyone needs help at times. I like to provide that help."


“I enjoy working with and helping seniors because I feel they really appreciate the help I provide.”

Katie Dodd


"I have a lot of respect with seniors.They have so much wisdom and their is so much we can learn from them.They deserve to live in their homes with dignity."

Sharon F.

“Working with seniors gives me the opportunity to help someone. It is a wonderful experience.”


"I love people and I love to help."


"I have always love being  with seniors, listening to their stories, helping them, and spreading sunshine."

Kathy B

"We can learn so much from seniors.They shouldn't feel they are forgotten."

Teri G

"I want to help others because I would want someone to help me, if I need it."

​Vera Jo

"​I have always enjoyed being around the senior population, even before I became a senior"

Linda D

I know what it feels like and how important it is to receive assistance. I want to give that feeling to others.”


I like helping seniors to feel valued and appreciated, not forgotten.”




​“I enjoy the knowledge and stories seniors share. They have very interesting histories.”